Klomp, Paul. (1993) A sketch of the phonology and morphology of Esan. Leiden University MA thesis.

Provided Lexicon:

IDLanguageWordEntrySource GlossAnnotationLoan
58491Esan3p P (3rd Person Plural)-le
58492Esan3p O (3rd Person Plural)-le
58493Esan3p S (3rd Person Plural)
58494Esan3p A (3rd Person Plural)
58495Esan3d P (3rd Person Dual)-le
58496Esan3d O (3rd Person Dual)-le
58497Esan3d S (3rd Person Dual)
58498Esan3d A (3rd Person Dual)
58499Esan3sg N P (3rd Person Singular Neuter)-ɔle
58500Esan3sg N O (3rd Person Singular Neuter)-ɔle
58501Esan3sg N S (3rd Person Singular Neuter)ɔ˩
58502Esan3sg N A (3rd Person Singular Neuter)ɔ˩
58503Esan3sg M P (3rd Person Singular Masculine)-ɔle
58504Esan3sg M O (3rd Person Singular Masculine)-ɔle
58505Esan3sg M S (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ɔ˩
58506Esan3sg M A (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ɔ˩
58507Esan2pl P (2nd Person Plural)-ʋa
58508Esan2pl O (2nd Person Plural)-ʋa
58509Esan2pl S (2nd Person Plural)i˩ʋa˩
58510Esan2pl A (2nd Person Plural)i˩ʋa˩
58511Esan2du P (2nd Person Dual)-ʋa
58512Esan2du O (2nd Person Dual)-ʋa
58513Esan2du S (2nd Person Dual)i˩ʋa˩
58514Esan2du A (2nd Person Dual)i˩ʋa˩
58515Esan2sg P (2nd Person Singular)
58516Esan2sg O (2nd Person Singular)
58517Esan2sg S (2nd Person Singular)
58518Esan2sg A (2nd Person Singular)
58519Esan12pl P (1st (incl) Person Plural)-male
58520Esan12pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)-male
58521Esan12pl S (1st (incl) Person Plural)i˩ma˩, a˩
58522Esan12pl A (1st (incl) Person Plural)i˩ma˩, a˩
58523Esan12du P (1st (incl) Person Dual)-male
58524Esan12du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)-male
58525Esan12du S (1st (incl) Person Dual)i˩ma˩, a˩
58526Esan12du A (1st (incl) Person Dual)i˩ma˩, a˩
58527Esan1pl P (1st (excl) Person Plural)-male
58528Esan1pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)-male
58529Esan1pl S (1st (excl) Person Plural)i˩ma˩, a˩
58530Esan1pl A (1st (excl) Person Plural)i˩ma˩, a˩
58531Esan1du P (1st (excl) Person Dual)-male
58532Esan1du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)-male
58533Esan1du S (1st (excl) Person Dual)i˩ma˩, a˩
58534Esan1du A (1st (excl) Person Dual)i˩ma˩, a˩
58535Esan1sg P (1st (excl) Person Singular)-ʋɛ̃
58536Esan1sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)-ʋɛ̃
58537Esan1sg S (1st (excl) Person Singular)
58538Esan1sg A (1st (excl) Person Singular)