Katherine Bolaños and Patience Epps. 2009. Linguistic classification of Kakua, a language of northwest Amazonia. Paper presented at the Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America IV. University of Texas: Austin.

Provided Lexicon:

IDLanguageWordEntrySource GlossAnnotationLoan
53371Nadëb3p P (3rd Person Plural)la-, sa-
53372Nadëb3p O (3rd Person Plural)la-, sa-
53373Nadëb3p S (3rd Person Plural)la-, sa-
53374Nadëb3p A (3rd Person Plural)la-, sa-
53375Nadëb3d P (3rd Person Dual)la-, sa-
53376Nadëb3d O (3rd Person Dual)la-, sa-
53377Nadëb3d S (3rd Person Dual)la-, sa-
53378Nadëb3d A (3rd Person Dual)la-, sa-
53379Nadëb3sg N P (3rd Person Singular Neuter)ta-
53380Nadëb3sg N O (3rd Person Singular Neuter)ta-
53381Nadëb3sg N S (3rd Person Singular Neuter)ta-
53382Nadëb3sg N A (3rd Person Singular Neuter)ta-
53383Nadëb3sg M P (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ta-
53384Nadëb3sg M O (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ta-
53385Nadëb3sg M S (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ta-
53386Nadëb3sg M A (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ta-
53387Nadëb2pl P (2nd Person Plural)bɤ:h, da-
53388Nadëb2pl O (2nd Person Plural)bɤ:h, da-
53389Nadëb2pl S (2nd Person Plural)bɤ:h, da-
53390Nadëb2pl A (2nd Person Plural)bɤ:h, da-
53391Nadëb2du P (2nd Person Dual)bɤ:h, da-
53392Nadëb2du O (2nd Person Dual)bɤ:h, da-
53393Nadëb2du S (2nd Person Dual)bɤ:h, da-
53394Nadëb2du A (2nd Person Dual)bɤ:h, da-
53395Nadëb2sg P (2nd Person Singular)ʔɔ̃m, ma-, a-
53396Nadëb2sg O (2nd Person Singular)ʔɔ̃m, ma-, a-
53397Nadëb2sg S (2nd Person Singular)ʔɔ̃m, ma-, a-
53398Nadëb2sg A (2nd Person Singular)ʔɔ̃m, ma-, a-
53399Nadëb12pl P (1st (incl) Person Plural)ʔɤ:r
53400Nadëb12pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)ʔɤ:r
53401Nadëb12pl S (1st (incl) Person Plural)ʔɤ:r
53402Nadëb12pl A (1st (incl) Person Plural)ʔɤ:r
53403Nadëb12du P (1st (incl) Person Dual)ʔɤ:r
53404Nadëb12du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)ʔɤ:r
53405Nadëb12du S (1st (incl) Person Dual)ʔɤ:r
53406Nadëb12du A (1st (incl) Person Dual)ʔɤ:r
53407Nadëb1pl P (1st (excl) Person Plural)ʔãh
53408Nadëb1pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)ʔãh
53409Nadëb1pl S (1st (excl) Person Plural)ʔãh
53410Nadëb1pl A (1st (excl) Person Plural)ʔãh
53411Nadëb1du P (1st (excl) Person Dual)ʔãh
53412Nadëb1du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)ʔãh
53413Nadëb1du S (1st (excl) Person Dual)ʔãh
53414Nadëb1du A (1st (excl) Person Dual)ʔãh
53415Nadëb1sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔɨ̃h
53416Nadëb1sg S (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔɨ̃h
53417Nadëb1sg A (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔɨ̃h
53419Dâw3p O (3rd Person Plural)hid
53420Dâw3p S (3rd Person Plural)hid
53421Dâw3p A (3rd Person Plural)hid