Glottocode: None
ISO 639: bev

Sources: Zogbo (2004)

Classification: Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Kru, Eastern, Bete, Western



  A S O Poss.
1st (excl) Person Singular ˩V˥ - n˥a
1st (excl) Person Dual a˩˩ ˩ya a˩a
1st (excl) Person Plural ˩ya a˩a
1st (incl) Person Dual ˩ya a˩a
1st (incl) Person Plural ˩ya a˩a
2nd Person Singular ˩mʉ n˩a
2nd Person Dual ˥ya a˦a
2nd Person Plural ˥ya a˦a
3rd Person Singular Gender 1 ɔ˦ ɔ˦ ɔ˦ ɔ˦
3rd Person Singular Gender 2
3rd Person Dual wa˦ wa˦ wa˦ wa˦
3rd Person Plural wa˦ wa˦ wa˦ wa˦


IDWordEntryAnnotationLoanSourceSource Gloss
5591012du A (1st (incl) Person Dual)Zogbo (2004)
5590812du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)˩yaZogbo (2004)
5590712du P (1st (incl) Person Dual)a˩aZogbo (2004)
5590912du S (1st (incl) Person Dual)Zogbo (2004)
5590612pl A (1st (incl) Person Plural)Zogbo (2004)
5590412pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)˩yaZogbo (2004)
5590312pl P (1st (incl) Person Plural)a˩aZogbo (2004)
5590512pl S (1st (incl) Person Plural)Zogbo (2004)
559181du A (1st (excl) Person Dual)Zogbo (2004)
559161du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)˩yaZogbo (2004)
559151du P (1st (excl) Person Dual)a˩aZogbo (2004)
559171du S (1st (excl) Person Dual)a˩˩Zogbo (2004)
559141pl A (1st (excl) Person Plural)Zogbo (2004)
559121pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)˩yaZogbo (2004)
559111pl P (1st (excl) Person Plural)a˩aZogbo (2004)
559131pl S (1st (excl) Person Plural)Zogbo (2004)
559221sg A (1st (excl) Person Singular)Zogbo (2004)
559201sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)˩V˥verb has low tone, followed by a copy vowel of the final vowel of the verb which has high toneZogbo (2004)
559191sg P (1st (excl) Person Singular)n˥aZogbo (2004)
559211sg S (1st (excl) Person Singular)Zogbo (2004)
558982du A (2nd Person Dual)Zogbo (2004)
558962du O (2nd Person Dual)˥yaZogbo (2004)
558952du P (2nd Person Dual)a˦aZogbo (2004)
558972du S (2nd Person Dual)Zogbo (2004)
558942pl A (2nd Person Plural)Zogbo (2004)
558922pl O (2nd Person Plural)˥yaZogbo (2004)
558912pl P (2nd Person Plural)a˦aZogbo (2004)
558932pl S (2nd Person Plural)Zogbo (2004)
559022sg A (2nd Person Singular)Zogbo (2004)
559002sg O (2nd Person Singular)˩mʉZogbo (2004)
558992sg P (2nd Person Singular)n˩aZogbo (2004)
559012sg S (2nd Person Singular)Zogbo (2004)
558823d A (3rd Person Dual)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558803d O (3rd Person Dual)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558793d P (3rd Person Dual)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558813d S (3rd Person Dual)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558783p A (3rd Person Plural)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558763p O (3rd Person Plural)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558753p P (3rd Person Plural)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558773p S (3rd Person Plural)wa˦Zogbo (2004)
558903sg M A (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ɔ˦Zogbo (2004)
558883sg M O (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ɔ˦Zogbo (2004)
558873sg M P (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ɔ˦Zogbo (2004)
558893sg M S (3rd Person Singular Masculine)ɔ˦Zogbo (2004)
558863sg N A (3rd Person Singular Neuter)Zogbo (2004)
558843sg N O (3rd Person Singular Neuter)Zogbo (2004)
558833sg N P (3rd Person Singular Neuter)Zogbo (2004)
558853sg N S (3rd Person Singular Neuter)Zogbo (2004)