Reesink, Ger P. 1987. Structures and their functions in Usan: A Papuan language of Papua New Guinea. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Provided Lexicon:

IDLanguageWordEntrySource GlossAnnotationLoan
29788Usan1sg A (1st (excl) Person Singular)ye
29789Usan1sg S (1st (excl) Person Singular)ye
29790Usan1sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)yV-
29791Usan1sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)ye-
29792Usan1sg P (1st (excl) Person Singular)yonou
29793Usan1du A (1st (excl) Person Dual)in
29794Usan1du S (1st (excl) Person Dual)in
29795Usan1du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)in-
29796Usan1du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)ini-
29797Usan1du P (1st (excl) Person Dual)ininou
29798Usan1pl A (1st (excl) Person Plural)in
29799Usan1pl S (1st (excl) Person Plural)in
29800Usan1pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)in-
29801Usan1pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)ini-
29802Usan1pl P (1st (excl) Person Plural)ininou
29803Usan12du A (1st (incl) Person Dual)in
29804Usan12du S (1st (incl) Person Dual)in
29805Usan12du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)in-
29806Usan12du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)ini-
29807Usan12du P (1st (incl) Person Dual)ininou
29808Usan12pl A (1st (incl) Person Plural)in
29809Usan12pl S (1st (incl) Person Plural)in
29810Usan12pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)in-
29811Usan12pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)ini-
29812Usan12pl P (1st (incl) Person Plural)ininou
29813Usan2sg A (2nd Person Singular)ne
29814Usan2sg S (2nd Person Singular)an
29815Usan2sg O (2nd Person Singular)nV-
29816Usan2sg O (2nd Person Singular)ne-
29817Usan2sg P (2nd Person Singular)nonou
29818Usan2du A (2nd Person Dual)an
29819Usan2du S (2nd Person Dual)an
29820Usan2du O (2nd Person Dual)an-
29821Usan2du O (2nd Person Dual)ani-
29822Usan2du P (2nd Person Dual)aninou
29823Usan2pl A (2nd Person Plural)an
29824Usan2pl S (2nd Person Plural)an
29825Usan2pl O (2nd Person Plural)an-
29826Usan2pl O (2nd Person Plural)ani-
29827Usan2pl P (2nd Person Plural)aninou
29828Usan3sg M A (3rd Person Singular Masculine)wo
29829Usan3sg M S (3rd Person Singular Masculine)wo
29830Usan3sg M O (3rd Person Singular Masculine)-
29831Usan3sg M O (3rd Person Singular Masculine)(wo)
29832Usan3sg M P (3rd Person Singular Masculine)wonou
29833Usan3sg F A (3rd Person Singular Feminine)wo
29834Usan3sg F S (3rd Person Singular Feminine)wo
29835Usan3sg F O (3rd Person Singular Feminine)-
29836Usan3sg F O (3rd Person Singular Feminine)(wo)
29837Usan3sg F P (3rd Person Singular Feminine)wonou