Glottocode: None
ISO 639: arb

Also Known As: Al-’Arabiyya , Al-Fusha & Literary Arabic

Sources: Ryding (2005)

Classification: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic



  A S O Poss.
1st (excl) Person Singular ʔana: ʔana: -i: - -i: -
1st (excl) Person Dual naHnu naHnu -na: -na:
1st (excl) Person Plural naHnu naHnu -na: -na:
1st (incl) Person Dual naHnu naHnu -na: -na:
1st (incl) Person Plural naHnu naHnu -na: -na:
2nd Person Singular ʔanta - ʔanta - -ka - -ka -
2nd Person Dual ʔantuma: ʔantuma: -kuma: -kuma:
2nd Person Plural ʔantum - ʔantum - -kum - -kum -
3rd Person Singular Gender 1 huwa huwa -hu -hu
3rd Person Singular Gender 2 hiya hiya -ha: -ha:
3rd Person Dual huma: huma: -huma: -huma:
3rd Person Plural hum hum -hum -hum


IDWordEntryAnnotationLoanSourceSource Gloss
4316712du A (1st (incl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
4326312du A (1st (incl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
4326112du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
4316512du O (1st (incl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
4316412du P (1st (incl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
4326012du P (1st (incl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
4316612du S (1st (incl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
4326212du S (1st (incl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
4316312pl A (1st (incl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
4325912pl A (1st (incl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
4325712pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
4316112pl O (1st (incl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
4325612pl P (1st (incl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
4316012pl P (1st (incl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
4325812pl S (1st (incl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
4316212pl S (1st (incl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
431751du A (1st (excl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
432711du A (1st (excl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
431731du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)-na:n not conditioned by vowel vs consonant finalityRyding (2005)
432691du O (1st (excl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
431721du P (1st (excl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
432681du P (1st (excl) Person Dual)-na:Ryding (2005)
432701du S (1st (excl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
431741du S (1st (excl) Person Dual)naHnuRyding (2005)
432671pl A (1st (excl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
431711pl A (1st (excl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
432651pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
431691pl O (1st (excl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
431681pl P (1st (excl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
432641pl P (1st (excl) Person Plural)-na:Ryding (2005)
432661pl S (1st (excl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
431701pl S (1st (excl) Person Plural)naHnuRyding (2005)
431791sg A (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔana:Ryding (2005)
432751sg A (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔana:Ryding (2005)
432731sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)-i:Shows alternation with the alomorph -ni:, which appears suffixed to verbs with a word final vowel..Ryding (2005)
431771sg O (1st (excl) Person Singular)-i:Shows alternation with -ni: when attached to vowel-final verbsRyding (2005)
431761sg P (1st (excl) Person Singular)-i:Allomorphy as for ORyding (2005)
432721sg P (1st (excl) Person Singular)-i:Shows alternation with the alomorph -ni:, which appears suffixed to nouns with a word final vowel.Ryding (2005)
432741sg S (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔana:Ryding (2005)
431781sg S (1st (excl) Person Singular)ʔana:Ryding (2005)
432512du A (2nd Person Dual)ʔantuma:Ryding (2005)
431552du A (2nd Person Dual)ʔantuma:2du forms don't distinguish genderRyding (2005)
431532du O (2nd Person Dual)-kuma:Ryding (2005)
432492du O (2nd Person Dual)-kuma:Ryding (2005)
432482du P (2nd Person Dual)-kuma:Ryding (2005)
431522du P (2nd Person Dual)-kuma:Ryding (2005)
431542du S (2nd Person Dual)ʔantuma:Ryding (2005)
432502du S (2nd Person Dual)ʔantuma:Ryding (2005)
431512pl A (2nd Person Plural)ʔantumRyding (2005)
432472pl A (2nd Person Plural)ʔantum'ʔantum' is in fact the 2dM form, the 2dF form is 'ʔntunna'.Ryding (2005)