Paradigm Details:

Language: (jbw) Yawijibaya.


System Type: None

Source: Capell and Coate (1984).

Comment: The following possessive paradigm is for Worora.

Pronoun Paradigm:

  A S O Poss.
1st (excl) Person Singular ŋaniŋge
1st (excl) Person Dual yadgeneŋgedi
1st (excl) Person Plural yadgenaŋge
1st (incl) Person Dual ŋadgeneŋgedi
1st (incl) Person Plural ŋadganaŋge
2nd Person Singular ŋundaniŋge
2nd Person Dual ɲidgeneŋgedi
2nd Person Plural ɲidganaŋge
3rd Person Singular Gender 1 yaniŋge
3rd Person Singular Gender 2 ganiŋge
3rd Person Dual yanaŋgedi
3rd Person Plural yamaŋge