Paradigm Details:

Language: (None) Wati-Wati.


System Type: F

Source: Blake et al. (2011).

Comment: "One of the features common to the earlier sources for many Victorian languages is the variety of pronominal forms. ... 1. Alternate forms for 1st and 2nd person singular pronouns; 2. The use of two different demonstratives as true pronominals, especially for the 3rd person; 3. The combination of demonstratives and pronominals for some non-singular constructions." p174 The gaps fo O forms in the paradigm are due to gaps in data in the source.

Pronoun Paradigm:

  A S O Poss.
1st (excl) Person Singular yeti, yanda yeti, yanda yenin, yandin yenayu
1st (excl) Person Dual ngalu ngalu ngalungin ngalathung, ngalathatyu
1st (excl) Person Plural yandhak yandhak yandhathu
1st (incl) Person Dual ngalai ngalai ngalaithu(ŋ)
1st (incl) Person Plural yangur yangur yangurathu
2nd Person Singular nginma, ngindi nginma, ngindi nginin nginayu
2nd Person Dual ngula ŋula ngulathu
2nd Person Plural pula(ng) pula(ng) pulin pulathu
3rd Person Singular Gender 1 ngundhi ngundhi ngukayu
3rd Person Singular Gender 2 ngundhi ngundhi ngukayu
3rd Person Dual thana thana thanin thanathu
3rd Person Plural thana thana thanin thanathu