Paradigm Details:

Language: (aaz) Amarasi.


System Type: F

Source: Grimes et al. (2013).

Comment: The A/S pronouns are used for possession, usually in conjunction with a genitive suffix on the possessum. Additional information gleaned from Edwards, Owen. 2016. Metathesis and Unmatathesis: Parallelism and Complementarity in Amarasi, Timor. PhD Dissertation. The Australian National University: Canberra.

Pronoun Paradigm:

  A S O Poss.
1st (excl) Person Singular au au =kau au
1st (excl) Person Dual hai hai =kai hai
1st (excl) Person Plural hai hai =kai hai
1st (incl) Person Dual hit hit =kit hit
1st (incl) Person Plural hit hit =kit hit
2nd Person Singular ho ho =ko ho
2nd Person Dual hi hi =ki hi
2nd Person Plural hi hi =ki hi
3rd Person Singular Gender 1 in in =e in
3rd Person Singular Gender 2 in in =e in
3rd Person Dual sin sin =sin sin
3rd Person Plural sin sin =sin sin