Paradigm Details:

Language: (nmb) Big Nambas.


System Type: F

Source: Fox (1979).

Comment: The language makes a distinction between obligatorily and optionally possessed nouns (Fox 1979:23-30). The possessive personal suffixes used with the majority of optionally possessed nouns are listed below. Note however, a small number of optionally possessed nouns (enumerated by Fox 1979:26) do not take the possessive suffixes listed but rather are preceded by the appropriately inflected form of the possessive adjective /nan/ (‘his’). Obligatorily possessed nouns take a set of personal possessive suffixes otherwise identical to those listed below except that the initial segment /a/ is absent (Fox 1979:25).

Pronoun Paradigm:

  A S O Poss.
1st (excl) Person Singular kana kana kana -k
1st (excl) Person Dual kam̼em̼ kam̼em̼ kam̼em̼ -m̼em̼
1st (excl) Person Plural kam̼em̼ kam̼em̼ kam̼em̼ -m̼em̼
1st (incl) Person Dual nakəd nakəd nakəd -d
1st (incl) Person Plural nakəd nakəd nakəd -d
2nd Person Singular nakəm nakəm -əɣ -m
2nd Person Dual kam̼i kam̼i kam̼i -m̼i
2nd Person Plural kam̼i kam̼i kam̼i -m̼i
3rd Person Singular Gender 1 ɣin ɣin -i -n
3rd Person Singular Gender 2 ɣin ɣin -i -n
3rd Person Dual ɣir ɣir -r -r
3rd Person Plural ɣir ɣir -r -r